Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Stay Fresh Coconut Deodorant
What happens if I accidentally leave my deodorant in hot temperatures? 

Not to worry! Should contents melt and separate, bring deodorant back to melting point (above 72 degrees), stir to mix contents, shake vigorously and refrigerate. After five minutes, remove from fridge and enjoy using as directed.In hot summer months you can store Stay Fresh Deodorant in the refrigerator. Pull your deodorant out at night and return to the fridge after morning use. Because of coconut oils low melting point we only ship this deodorant from September through May, unless requested otherwise.

Lavender or Rosebud Herbal Creams
How long can I store my creams?
Buying in bulk? You can store your unused creams in the fridge for up to one year. My creams have all edible ingredients. There are NO toxic chemicals or preservatives. It's best to use your open creams within three months.

Muscle Rub
What are those crystals in my Muscle Rub?
Crystallization is the natural result of the use of high amounts of quality Magnesium. The crystals dissolve as you massage them into your skin. Fully saturating my Muscle Rub with MSM and Magnesium means more therapeutic benefits for you.

REALLY Chemically Free products are different than their store bought counterparts. 
Enjoy the unique experience of nourishing your body with Ingrid's Organic Body Care.

Thank you.

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