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Skin is the human body's largest organ.  The products you use on your skin becomes its source of nourishment; food for the skin.

Essential Oils and organic ingredients, unlike fragrances and genetically modified ingredientsdo not contain harmful metals, phthalates, or synthetic compounds that have been linked to cancer or other significant health issues.  

That is why we choose to use pure, organic essential oils and ingredients so that your skin can be as happy as you are.


No disrupting ph No drying out skin No bad stuff.png
It’s all in the name... “Ingrid’s Organic Body Care” the perfect name for the absolute best product on the market!
Ingrid searches out the most pure organic ingredients in which to make her soaps, creams, muscle rub, deodorant and lip balms. She is passionate about giving her customers the very best care for their bodies.
I am a fanatic ~ enthusiast when it comes to Ingrid’s Organic Body Care. I use all of her organic products daily and make sure to order product in advance so I never run out!
The richness of her creams, Lavender and Rosebud soaks immediately into your skin leaving a silky feel with a bonus of helping to lighten age spots on your skin! 
Ingrid’s Organic Lip Balms is the best protection during the day from the cold winds and winter weather and keeps my lips from becoming chapped. I also use it at night to coat my lips before placing my sleep tape over my mouth. It works perfect!
I love gifting Ingrid’s Organic Body Care products to friends, family, co~workers and neighbors. Every product is a blessing! Thanks for the beauty and quality when receiving your products!... THE BEST!!!

Everson, WA



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